Pageantry Innovations


Matrix 2013- AR-40 Folding Field Rack

Who are we?
When we started out we were struggling with the same problems you are faced with now: We had an ensemble of talented, driven young adults, and we were looking for the perfect solution for carts and props. We needed to find something durable for the right price. Unfortunately, it didn’t exist.

We worked long hours into the night and spent our weekends in a high school band room, measuring equipment and building the necessary accessories. When we would come off the field or load into a gym with our custom carts, we were asked: “Where did you get that?” Directors and students were visibly upset when we explained that we had made it ourselves.

In 2012 we decided a change was necessary. A close friend suggested we take our building talent into the business world and just like that, Pageantry Innovations was born.

New Philadelphia HS 2012- Custom Lit Platforms

So why trust us?

For one thing, we've been in your shoes. Secondly, we are dedicated to our product and we obsess on its success. We’re also focused on your success. We aren't lying when we say “concept to championships”- we really want to see you go all the way. We’re not going to sell you a product and abandon you. Talk to us, tell us what you need, and let us help to customize your perfect season.

We’re a business, and we are constantly improving. Check our website, Facebook, and other social media to see our new products and photos. You won’t be disappointed!