Pageantry Innovations


DK-20 Drum Kit Cart

Transporting your drum set has never been easier with the DK-20, Drum Kit Cart!  The Kit Cart has plenty of room for a virtually any setup you can throw at it while being compact enough to still fit through a double door.  Our carpeted, quick-drop bass drum lifter system allows for fast entry and exit to and from the performance.  This lifter system also detaches from the cart easily for storage or truck loading if necessary.

The DK-20 was designed with fast setups, long pushes and steep ramps in mind.  We’ve been there.  We have seen drum kits fall off wheeled platforms, lines of volunteers carrying drum kit components into the show, cymbal stands tip over.  This cart alleviates all of those issues and gives the professional look you strive for.

Works Well for:
    -Middle School Band Rooms
    -High School Band Rooms
    -College Band Rooms
    -Pep Band
    -Marching Band
    -Indoor Drumline
    -Indoor Winds Ensembles
    -Festival Bands