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 KC-35 Standard

KC-35 Standard

 KC-35SSBF Stealth Bi-Fold

KC-35SSBF Stealth Bi-Fold

KC-35 Seated Synth/Mixer Combo Cart

If you’re in need of a “one cart solution” this is it.  The KC-35, Seated Synth/Mixer Combo Cart allows for you to house your full length synth/controller, rack-mount mixer, amps and anything else you might need. It even has a knee cutout section for the player to be seated while the cart is in use!

The top shelf of the cart includes shock-absorbing foam giving protection to your valuable gear providing cushion while traveling down the road, to and from the show.  A laptop tray is included with all standard top cover carts which is mounted to the full-length, internal accessory rail (see below for Bi-Fold upgrade setups).

Not interested in running a rack-mount mixer, but still need a one cart solution? We’ve added depth to the KC-35 allowing your mixing console to sit on the top shelf! Utilize the two hinged, swinging doors to gain quick access to the jacks on your mixer or synth.  

The lower portion of the cart has 8u rack spaces on the left and right sides of the cart, giving you 16 total spaces to work with.  

Standard wiring for this cart includes an exterior power inlet linked to eight internal power inlets as well as two, Speakon NL4 jacks linked to four, Speakon NL2 jacks on the players lower left portion of the cart.  Swaps, customizations or additions to the standard wiring are always available.  Additional charges may apply.

-Bi-Fold Top Cover (BF) upgrades are available for an added charge.  This is a great upgrade option to keep your equipment partially out of the sun while in use.  When folded up, the Bi-Fold Cover provides added shelf space above your synth or controller.  The addition of the Bi-Fold Cover leads to the removal of the full-length internal accessory rail.

-Stealth Series (SS) upgrade available for additional charge, which includes all blacked-out hardware and black powder coated piano hinges.

Available KC-35 models include:
    KC-35        Standard
    KC-35SS    Stealth Series
    KC-35BF    Bi-Fold Top Cover
    KC-35SSBF    Stealth, Bi-Fold