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KC-20 Back Angle.jpg

KC-20 Partially Enclosed Synth Cart

The Partially Enclosed Synth Cart gives you the cost benefit of an Open Frame Cart but the all the privacy of an enclosed cart! Store your synth, controller, or mallet instrument controller on the top shelf and place anything else you may need down below where the audience can’t see. A front panel and lower side panels are installed to give you a bit of storage for cables, accessories or anything else that might be important to your setup.

The side panels are manufactured with the “gear nut” in mind. We cut these panels short enough to where you can still get a square tube clamp on the players side, vertical supports of the cart. A great spot to put a crash cymbal cradle, tray table, snare drum or anything else you can think of!

Need a monitor on your cart? Mount it off the 1.5” accessory rail. Running your synth controller or mallet instrument controller off a laptop? Mount a tray table off the accessory rail. Your options are endless when it comes to a KC-20.

Are you wanting to have power and signal with your Partially Enclosed Cart? This isn’t a problem for us at all. Add a few of our wiring upgrades and get a power inlet linked to two internal outlets, 1/4” instrument cable jacks, XLR or USB passthroughs.

Looking for other uses for the KC-20? This is a great fit for a mobile Music Classroom Workstation. The Partially Enclosed Cart also works well as a Multi Percussion Rack with hidden storage below. Think of this option as a longer version and slightly taller version of our AR-50, Orchestral Multi Rack.

Stealth Series upgrade available for additional charge, which includes all blacked-out hardware.