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MC-10 Single Mixer Cart

Your sound equipment deserves the best protection, period. Our sleek, strong mixer carts range in size and come equipped to handle the wear and tear of touring while keeping all of your toys safe and sound for showtime!

The MC-10, Single Mixer Cart is perfect for a 16 channel board seated on the top shelf. There are 10 available rack spaces below in the shock-mounted rack.  Gain easy access to the back of your mixer or 10u rack components with the full length, hinged door on the rear of the cart.  A full-length, internal accessory rail is included on all standard Mixer Carts. Add the MM-10 Mixer Mount accessory for added functionality and you’ll be in great shape!

A top cover storage compartment is located underneath the floor of the MC-10, allowing you to keep your cover with you at all times.  

Standard wiring for the Single Mixer Cart includes an exterior power inlet linked to four internal power inlets as well as two, Speakon NL4 jacks linked to four, Speakon NL2 jacks on the players lower right portion of the cart.  Swaps, customizations or additions to the standard wiring are always available.  Additional charges may apply. Customers needing to swap Speakon for XLM, depending upon an active/passive speaker setup, will not incur an added charge.  Added charges will only apply to altered power inlets (Powercon), exterior outlets or additional exterior signal jacks.

-Bi-Fold Top Cover (BF) upgrades are available for an added charge.  This is a great upgrade option to keep your equipment partially out of the sun while in use.  When folded up, the Bi-Fold Cover provides added shelf space above your mixer.  The addition of the Bi-Fold Cover leads to the removal of the full-length internal accessory rail. Find out more about the Bi-Fold Upgrade HERE

Wireless Antenna mounts are added to the interior sides of all Mixer Carts with Bi-Fold Top covers.

-Stealth Series (SS) upgrade available for additional charge, which includes all blacked-out hardware and black powder coated piano hinges.

Available MC-10 models include:
    MC-10        Standard
    MC-10SS    Stealth Series
    MC-10BF    Bi-Fold Top Cover
    MC-10SSBF    Stealth, Bi-Fold