The KC-15 Open Frame Synth Cart

This week we're taking a closer look at the KC-15, our open frame synth cart.

Per our product list, the KC-15 is described as:

39" H x 68" W x 24" D, 1.5" Square Steel Tubing, Texture Black Powder Coat, 33” Keyboard Shelf Height, Shock-Absorbing Black Polyethylene Keyboard Shelf, Open Frame Design with Full Length Lower Shelf, 8" Flat-Free Swivel Locking Casters (4)

Ok... but like... what does that mean?!

First of all, the KC-15 looks like this:

KC-15 open fram synth cart

Arguably, it's our most versatile cart. While it was designed as a cut-and-dry open synth cart made for ... wait for it ... a synth, it's actually been utilized in countless ways by our customers.

The KC-15 has a foamed 57" x 18" keyboard shelf that sits 33 inches from the ground. Additionally, the cart is constructed out of 1.5 inch square tubing.

KC-15 open synth cart sketch

That sounds boring and unimportant until you realize that it means you can clamp accessory trays and gadgets to literally anywhere.

Need a pair of cymbals on your left for a big front ensemble crash in the closing tune? We've got you covered.

open synth cart and cymbal cradle

Planning on running a sampler or multi-pad? The KC-15's got the hook-up with a length-running accessory rail. (Check out our tray tables!) The handles on both sides of the cart are 1.5" round tubing, just FYI.

KC-15 open synth cart accessory rail

The bottom shelf can be used for a variety of things, but might we suggest a monitor?

KC-15 open frame synth cart

While the KC-15 is one of our simpler carts, it's also a marvelously adaptable cart. Did we leave anything out? Are you ready to place an order right now?! (If so head on over to our DEALERS page!)

Got a question? Shoot us an email ( or check out our Facebook or Twitter pages!

KC-15 open frame synth cart loaded Pageantry Innovations

KC-15 Open Frame Synth Cart

Introducing the Product Press Room

Here at Pageantry Innovations we're all about finding solutions to problems. When we notice something isn't quite right, we immediately devise a plan to fix it. Recently we noticed we have a pretty big problem.

We make a useful, sturdy, quality product but unless you buy something or visit a trade show, it's hard for us to demonstrate and educate you about our carts and racks.

Solution? The Product Press Room.

The Product Press Room is a weekly post aimed at anyone and everyone buying, selling, or looking into our carts & racks. Here we will detail the ins and outs of each cart, as well as how to set-up and utilize your carts. Additionally, from time to time we will share firsthand information on new products or features available from Pageantry Innovations. It really is our own global press room and we're giving you a valuable pass.

We hope you will find this series informational as well as interesting- it will essentially become the guidebook to all things Pageantry Innovations.

Join us next week as we dive headfirst into our standard cart designs! Additionally, we will release a monthly video with tips, tricks, and advice on maximizing the use of your Pageantry Innovations gear!

See you next week!

WGI 2017 Concludes

This past weekend the confetti fell on the WGI 2017 season and medals were placed around the necks of the world’s top performers. The entire event concluded Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at the University of Dayton Arena with Winds World Championships rounding out 2 weeks of competition. Performing groups from California to Thailand showed up in Dayton, Ohio to present their 2017 productions and compete for the title of champion.


We left Dayton on Sunday nothing short of impressed. We have the privilege to work with some of the best in the business. Pageantry Innovations is honored to shake hands with and work alongside countless artists to make their vision a reality. Congratulations to all the Pageantry Innovations’ Finalists!



Percussion Independent World Finalists

2nd   Broken City Percussion

3rd   Pulse Percussion

5th   Matrix

6th   Rhythm X

7th   Monarch Independent

8th   United Percussion

9th   Infinity

10th  STRYKE Percussion

12th  Cap City Percusion

13th  Atlanta Quest

15th  George Mason University


Percussion Scholastic World Finalists

1st   Chino Hills High School

3rd   Ayala High School

8th   Center Grove High School


Percussion INdependent open Finalists

2nd   Rise Percussion

6th   Civitas Independent

7th   ConneXus Percussion

10th  INov8 Winter Percussion

13th  Liberty University Indoor Drumline

14th  Matrix Open


Percussion Scholastic open Finalists

3rd   Victor J. Andrew HS

5th   Norwalk HS

9th   Central Crossing

15th  Norton HS


Percussion INdependent A Finalists

13th  Shadow Indoor Percussion


Winds Independent World Finalists

1st   Rhythm X

4th  Crossmen 


Winds Independent open Finalists

1st   Chromium Winds

WGI 2016 Concludes

The 2016 season of Winter Guard International is in the books!  Competition concluded Sunday, April 17, 2016 at the University of Dayton Arena with Winds World Championships rounding out 2 weeks of competition.  Performing groups from across the country and around the world turned out to show off their 2016 productions.  This past week we had a chance to check out all of the action down in Dayton and we were incredibly impressed.

We have the privilege to work with the absolute best in the business.  Designers, Directors, Members and Tech's, Pageantry Innovations works with the top of the line in the performing arts.  To give a numerical example of this, take a look at the results from just World Class Competition alone from the groups using Pageantry Innovations gear. #FramingChampions

Percussion Independent World Finalists

1st   Pulse Percussion

4th   Rhythm X

7th   Matrix

8th   Cavaliers Indoor Percussion

14th   Dark Sky Percussion

15th   Atlanta Quest

Percussion Scholastic World Finalists

1st   Ayala High School

13th   Ben Davis High School

Percussion Scholastic Concert World Finalists

1st   Ayala High School



Rhythm X, Inc Partnership

At Pageantry Innovations, we work long and hard to deliver an unmatched product and service across the music industry.  We believe in hard, honest work with a level of craftsmanship that simply cannot be replicated through automation.  With these as some of our core values and beliefs, we choose those who represent us extremely carefully.  

Today, we are thrilled to officially announce the partnership between Pageantry Innovations and Rhythm X, Inc.  We have collaborated on prop designs in the past for previous productions, but we have now moved into Front Ensemble Carts.  

Aside from the consistent, top ranking finishes in WGI for Rhythm X, Inc. we align ourselves through forward thinking and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  Together, we will continue to redefine the performing arts.

Ohio Indoor Performance Association Sponsorship

We are very please to partner with the Ohio Indoor Performance Association as a Sponsor for the 2016 season!  OIPA, established in 2008, is one of the major performance circuits in Ohio.  The circuit is headed up by Board of Directors President Chad Clum, Show Coordinator Barry Canan, Percussion Educational Director Rob Ferguson and Guard Educational Director Michael Lentz.  Additional Board members are listed at

Don't miss any of the action this season! Stay connected by visiting their website

Be sure to get out and support your local circuits!

Providing the Frame for the Art You Create

The 2015 DCI Season is in full swing and Pageantry Innovations is playing a big part this summer! Our products are currently in use by 8 DCI Corps and counting. Our summer lineup includes Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Cadets, Cavaliers, Pacific Crest, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Vanguard Cadets.

Our carts, accessories, and props are built to last, visually stunning, and easy to use for professionals and novices alike making them the perfect fit for every group in the Performing Arts! Let Pageantry Innovations frame your vision.

OIPA Championships 2015

This past Saturday we had the privilege of spending the day at OIPA Championships in Wapakoneta, OH. The day was filled with great shows from all performing ensembles! We are proud to be represented by many of the gold medalist ensembles, including Matrix Percussion (PIW), Firestone HS (PSO), New Philadelphia HS (PSCO), Norton HS (PSA), and Notre Dame College Winds (WIO). See more details and recaps at the OIPA Circuit Website. We're looking forward to seeing all the performing ensembles as they conclude their competitive season in Dayton, OH!

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