Pageantry Innovations


Introducing the Product Press Room

Here at Pageantry Innovations we're all about finding solutions to problems. When we notice something isn't quite right, we immediately devise a plan to fix it. Recently we noticed we have a pretty big problem.

We make a useful, sturdy, quality product but unless you buy something or visit a trade show, it's hard for us to demonstrate and educate you about our carts and racks.

Solution? The Product Press Room.

The Product Press Room is a weekly post aimed at anyone and everyone buying, selling, or looking into our carts & racks. Here we will detail the ins and outs of each cart, as well as how to set-up and utilize your carts. Additionally, from time to time we will share firsthand information on new products or features available from Pageantry Innovations. It really is our own global press room and we're giving you a valuable pass.

We hope you will find this series informational as well as interesting- it will essentially become the guidebook to all things Pageantry Innovations.

Join us next week as we dive headfirst into our standard cart designs! Additionally, we will release a monthly video with tips, tricks, and advice on maximizing the use of your Pageantry Innovations gear!

See you next week!