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The KC-15 Open Frame Synth Cart

This week we're taking a closer look at the KC-15, our open frame synth cart.

Per our product list, the KC-15 is described as:

39" H x 68" W x 24" D, 1.5" Square Steel Tubing, Texture Black Powder Coat, 33” Keyboard Shelf Height, Shock-Absorbing Black Polyethylene Keyboard Shelf, Open Frame Design with Full Length Lower Shelf, 8" Flat-Free Swivel Locking Casters (4)

Ok... but like... what does that mean?!

First of all, the KC-15 looks like this:

KC-15 open fram synth cart

Arguably, it's our most versatile cart. While it was designed as a cut-and-dry open synth cart made for ... wait for it ... a synth, it's actually been utilized in countless ways by our customers.

The KC-15 has a foamed 57" x 18" keyboard shelf that sits 33 inches from the ground. Additionally, the cart is constructed out of 1.5 inch square tubing.

KC-15 open synth cart sketch

That sounds boring and unimportant until you realize that it means you can clamp accessory trays and gadgets to literally anywhere.

Need a pair of cymbals on your left for a big front ensemble crash in the closing tune? We've got you covered.

open synth cart and cymbal cradle

Planning on running a sampler or multi-pad? The KC-15's got the hook-up with a length-running accessory rail. (Check out our tray tables!) The handles on both sides of the cart are 1.5" round tubing, just FYI.

KC-15 open synth cart accessory rail

The bottom shelf can be used for a variety of things, but might we suggest a monitor?

KC-15 open frame synth cart

While the KC-15 is one of our simpler carts, it's also a marvelously adaptable cart. Did we leave anything out? Are you ready to place an order right now?! (If so head on over to our DEALERS page!)

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KC-15 open frame synth cart loaded Pageantry Innovations

KC-15 Open Frame Synth Cart