Pageantry Innovations


Why We Do It...

We're going to take an unscheduled hiatus from 'The Product Press Room' to talk candidly with you, our customers.

This week we released a notice on social media warning our followers and artists about deceitful marketing. If you're not in the market for carts or racks like ours, that's absolutely ok. We know that different ensembles have different needs and different budgets.

If you've never heard the story, Pageantry Innovations began out of necessity. Two guys were directing a high school drumline and they needed a synth cart, but they couldn't find anything on the market that fully met their needs. So they built it. When they stopped teaching, other friends in the music industry approached them about the carts they'd been using and PI was born.

We make equipment because we know it's something bands and corps and ensembles need. If you didn't need mobile, functional, sturdy audio equipment and racks then we wouldn't make them. We'd pack up shop, go back to our previous jobs, and never look back.

This company functions with musical educators and students in mind.

That's why we're adamant about you finding the correct cart or rack for your program. We want our carts to work for you. We want them to hold up for years and years. We want you to never have to worry about your valuable mixer or synthesizer or speakers.

As a past customer, we sincerely hope that you've felt this level of dedication. As a potential customer, we hope you understand our passion and promise.

We trust that our authorized dealers won't lead you astray, but if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. We've made so many valuable relationships within the last five years and we're always happy to grow our Pageantry Innovations family.

Thank you!