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The One With the New Gear...

Welcome back! We're finally doing it this time. This is 100% for sure the announcement with the new products. We've been teasing it like a click-bait celebrity site and for that we apologize. But enough chit-chat.

New Info or Product.jpg

Way back in January we shared the improvements and updates coming to our tried and true gear. This time we're giving you something fresh to look forward to.

The Speaker Cart Army

Right now we offer four different speaker carts. Those OG carts aren't going away, but we know that sometimes a standard cart doesn't fit your set up. We're expanding the speaker cart family to include topless carts, new dimensions, and more options for you. And of course we'll still take your speaker size into account when building your cart!

The paneled KC-20

Emperor KC is getting new clothes. We've paneled the KC-15 for customers upon request in the past, but enough interest has been shown for us to actually offer a paneled KC-20. It won't be wired or fully enclosed, but panels will be added to the front and sides of the bottom half on this cart. There is also the option to add wiring for an up-charge.

Accessory Holders

Sold in pairs of small, large, or combo ends, this product release is the most original in the list. We offer tray tables and laptop trays, but these accessory holders (not yet officially named),  will hold and stabilize anything from a glockenspiel to a piccolo xylophone to a midi controller. We're pretty excited about this one! (Did you catch a sneak peek in the TMEA booth?)

LT-20 & LT-30

Right now we offer a 14" x 10" LT-10 that screws onto the drilled-out accessory bar of the enclosed carts. We're going to expand that line and offer two larger laptop trays: the LT-20 and LT-30.

New gear emerges because we've come across new problems to solve. We're hopeful and excited to release these products soon! We love the feedback and comments we get with each new item. Hopefully this teaser was worth the wait.

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