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The 2018 Lowdown

We like to think that we're constantly evolving. Like a Pokemon. (Is that still cool? If not, scratch that.) What I mean to say is, we're always thinking about how to push forward in this industry AND improve upon our own products. In 2018 we're revamping a few oldies to make them even better goodies.

New Info or Product.jpg

None of these products/updates are available yet. But they will be. Very soon.

We're looking to implement these changes by the end of March 2018.

Ok. Enough teasing. Bring on the good stuff!

Tray Table Posts

Right now our tray tables are mounted off their 1.5" square tube bar. This allows users to adjust the distance of the shelf from their person. We've seen customers struggle with equipment inconvenience and the complexity of clamps when it comes to the bar system.

TT-10 Bottom.jpg

Former Design

Imagine this, but the bar is drilled out and a (removeable) 1" round tube post is screwed on to the bar, mountable like a standard tom arm.

We plan to sell future tray tables with a drilled out bar and attached post. This will allow for height AND distance adjustment, as well as provide an alternative way to mount these tables.

Aluminum Covers& Hardware

Our carts are steel and our carts are heavy. We know this. Fortunately, our carts also roll. That said, we knew we needed to figure out a way to lighten the load for the poor synth player in your ensemble.

Coming to a PI dealer near you... aluminum covers and (some) hardware. By making the switch, we're hoping to make the enclosed carts nearly 10% lighter.

Drum Kit Cart Latch

We don't play favorites here at Pageantry Innovations, but if we did the DK-20 might be our golden child. As such, we've spent a little time on it these past few months and we're making a slight change to the platform latching system to ensure its functionality and uniqueness.

So there you have it. Those are our major updates.

Go ahead and ask it: Why aren't these improvements being implemented right now??

Well here's the thing- we test all our products and all the changes. We don't want our customers to double as our guinea pigs. When we're sure these changes are the best for YOU, we'll make them available.

Hey! You said new products, too!

You're right. I did. Come back in two weeks for the sequel to this epic story.

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Kyle Mattevi