Why does my ensemble need props?

Competition is a science; it takes the right formula to create the perfect performance. Over time, the equation has changed and evolved to include more components. It starts with music. Add staging multiplied by body- now it really gets interesting. Boost that algorithm with visual performers to truly see your audience connect.

But something's missing... Looking for a way to really enhance your design?
Welcome to the new era of competition: The Age of the Props

So why choose Pageantry Innovations?

We wouldn't say it if it wasn't true: We know what it’s like to be you. We've been the performer and we've been the director. We know the frustration with time limits, set-ups and tear-downs, and the line judges that forget to say, “Go.” We've taken an idea, run with a concept, and stressed about making it a reality. As it turns out, we're really good at that last part.

Tell us your idea. Let us make your set design dreams a reality. Props have become a staple in the pageantry arts and we understand that. From frames and ramps to custom pieces of art, bring us the concept and we’ll help take you and your group to the championships.

Concept Sketch

CAD Drawing

Final Product

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