Pageantry Innovations



SC-20 Double Speaker Cart

The Double Speaker Stack Cart will accommodate multiple speaker setups.  This is the cart will house the following setups:

-One Dual Subwoofer and One Dual Top
-Two Single Subwoofers and One Dual Top
-One Dual Subwoofer and Two Single Tops

On this cart, the Dual Top will lay on its side on the angle adjuster.  Single tops can stand vertically or lay horizontally. Some Single Tops may have the capability to splay the angle adjuster and allow the speakers to stand up-right for maximum speaker coverage (contact us for details). There is no added charge for the alteration in the angle adjustable lifter.  

Add a CM-10 or CM-20, Cable Management System to any Speaker Cart for added convenience. Additional charges apply.

All Speaker Carts are custom-tailored to fit speakers and subs being used. Please include the make and model of speakers/subs being used when placing your order.