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Universal Mallet Instrument Carts

Universal Mallet Instrument Carts



The Large Universal Mallet Instrument Cart gives your marimbas all the protection, strength and support they need while rolling into your performance.  The sleek, low-profile design took your trailer and band room into account during the design process.  We eliminated all unnecessary parts allowing you to save valuable inches on your trailer while packing.

The Large Instrument Cart expands and contracts to accommodate 4.3 marimbas up to most 5 octave instrument beds. Velcro Strips are included to secure the instrument bed in place upon initial setup.  All frames ship with a 1.5” square tube accessory rail.

The Small Instrument Cart expands and contracts to accommodate everything from a pedal glock and xylophone up to a vibraphone instrument bed. The 1.5” center expansion rail allows for clamping of some manufacturers pedal attachments directly to the cart.  For other manufacturers pedal setups, predrilled holes in the frame allow for the pedal conversion to be possible.  For all other full-length pedal needs, we include brackets that attach to the bass and treble portion of the cart.

Microphone Mounting Posts are welded into place on both the bass and treble portion of the cart for any amplification needs.  The center expansion bar is also the proper diameter tube to allow for microphone clamping.

Height adjustments have never been more secure with our Never-Slip System.  Spring loaded pins and thumb screws will allow the right fit for all performers.  Find the perfect playing height and lock it in place!

Key Features Include:
Never-Slip Height Adjustability
Clamp-Anywhere Design
Built-in Microphone Mounting Posts